At Kidnectivity, our core belief is that every child deserves the opportunity to receive the therapy services they need to thrive. We firmly reject the notion that access to essential therapy should be determined by insurance coverage or financial circumstances. Our unwavering commitment to inclusivity and equal opportunity has led us to create the YES YOU CAN Scholarship program.

Breaking Down Financial Barriers

We understand that families facing financial hardship or those without adequate insurance coverage often find it challenging to access the therapy their children require. These barriers can be especially disheartening, as therapy services can be transformative, offering children the chance to overcome challenges and achieve their fullest potential.

Our YES YOU CAN Scholarship program stands as a beacon of hope for families in such situations. It symbolizes our dedication to breaking down the financial barriers that stand between children and the therapy they need.

Scholarship Details and Benefits

The YES YOU CAN Scholarship is designed to provide financial assistance to families whose children would otherwise be unable to receive therapy services. Here's how it works:

Financial Assistance:

The scholarship program offers financial support that can help cover the
costs of therapy services at Kidnectivity. This assistance is extended to families experiencing
financial difficulties or those lacking sufficient insurance coverage.

Equal Opportunity:

We firmly believe that every child has the potential to thrive, and financial
circumstances should never impede that potential. The scholarship program levels the playing
field, offering equal opportunities to all children, regardless of their economic situation.

Customized Support:

Our scholarship program is flexible and tailored to each family's unique needs. We understand that financial hardships can take various forms, and our goal is to provide support that addresses those specific challenges.