Tailoring Intensive Therapy Programs to Each Child and Family
At our center, we believe every child is unique, and their therapeutic journey should
reflect this uniqueness. When we embark on an intensive therapy program, we begin by recognizing and embracing the distinctive needs and strengths of the child and their family. This approach ensures that our interventions are not only effective but also meaningful and sustainable.

The Power of Thorough Evaluation
The foundation of our intensive therapy programs lies in a comprehensive evaluation. This evaluation is a pivotal step, as it serves as the initial point of understanding the child's current abilities, challenges, and potential areas for growth. Our experienced therapists use a variety of assessment tools, observations,
and discussions with the family to gather a holistic picture of the child's development. Establishing Functional and Measurable Goals Once the evaluation is complete, our team collaborates with the child's family to set specific, functional, and measurable goals. These goals are the guiding stars of the intensive therapy program. They are crafted with the intention of addressing the child's unique needs and challenges and providing a clear roadmap for progress. Our goals are not abstract; they are practical and focused on enhancing the child's everyday life. These goals are chosen with precision and care, whether improving fine motor skills to facilitate better handwriting, building strength and mobility for independent mobility or addressing sensory processing difficulties for improved attention and focus.

Creating a Customized Plan
The goals established at the outset of the intensive therapy program form the foundation upon which we build a customized plan. This plan is a dynamic and evolving document that outlines the strategies, interventions, and techniques that will be employed to help the child reach their goals. It's not a one-size-fits-all approach; it's uniquely tailored to meet the child's specific needs and abilities.

The Intersection of Occupational Therapy (OT) and Physical Therapy (PT)
An intensive therapy program may sometimes involve occupational therapy (OT) and physical therapy (PT). This decision is based on the child's needs and the identified goals. OT focuses on fine motor skills, sensory processing, and activities of daily living, while PT concentrates on gross motor skills, mobility, and strength. The choice to combine these therapies is made with a clear understanding of how each discipline can contribute to the child's overall progress. However, it's important to note that not all intensives require the integration of both OT and PT. Some children benefit most from one discipline, while others benefit from a combination. Our approach is entirely child-centric and driven by what will yield the best outcomes for each individual.

Intensive therapy programs are all about recognizing the uniqueness of each child and family, conducting thorough evaluations to set functional and measurable goals, and crafting a customized plan that may or may not combine OT and PT based on the child's specific needs. Intensives are scheduled based on family and therapist availability. Intensives maybe 3 hours/day for 3 weeks or 6 hours/day for 1 week, or
whatever you and our therapist agree on. This tailored approach ensures that we deliver therapy and foster lasting functional changes that improve the child's quality of life.