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Fostering Social Development with Individualized Attention

Our program is designed to be a nurturing and inclusive space where children can thrive socially while
celebrating their unique personalities and needs. We understand that social development is a vital
aspect of a child's growth, and we are committed to promoting it in a way that respects and embraces
the individuality of each child.
OT Lead

At the heart of our program are experienced occupational therapists who lead and guide the small,
intimate groups of children. Our therapists have a deep understanding of child development, sensory
processing, and social interaction. They do this by creating an environment that is both playful and
Playful and Supportive Environment

Our program is intentionally designed to be fun and engaging. We know that children learn best when
they are having fun, so we incorporate playfulness into every aspect of our sessions. Through games,
creative arts and crafts, and other interactive activities, we create an environment where children can be
themselves, express their thoughts and feelings, and build social connections.
Developing Social and Play Skills

The primary goals of our small, intimate groups are centered around helping children develop essential
social and play skills. We understand that these skills are the building blocks of meaningful relationships
and successful interactions in both school and daily life. We also believe that diversity within the group
enriches the overall experience and allows children to learn from one another.

We focus on teaching children how to engage with their peers effectively. This includes skills such as
taking turns, sharing, active listening, and recognizing and understanding emotions. Through various
play-based activities and games, we help children develop the ability to cooperate, communicate, and
problem-solve with their peers. These skills not only enhance their social interactions but also prepare
them for future academic and life challenges.
In our small, intimate groups, children have the chance to learn and practice these skills in a safe and
supportive setting. We celebrate every child's progress and tailor our approach to ensure that each
child's journey is unique and meaningful.
We provide a space where children can grow socially and develop important play skills. We embrace
each child's individuality while fostering their social development through play, creativity, and
cooperation. Our ultimate goal is to help children build the skills they need to thrive in their social and
everyday lives.

Social Groups
Social Groups